Scatter Token

What is Scatter?

Scatter is an ERC20 virus on the Ethereum blockchain. It must spread to survive and multiply.

Scatter is not mined or staked, it is only minted. Anyone can mint scatter, but you must play the game to be rewarded.

Play the game by infecting healthy ETH wallets with STT.

Above all Scatter Token is an experiment. What will happen when anyone can generate tokens? Not only those with the means to acquire mining hardware or a huge supply of tokens.

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Scatter Emission and Cost of Minting

The emmission of STT per minting decreases as the total supply increases.

The cost of minting STT is connected to the cost of sending transactions and the cost of joining the reward pool.

The cost to mint 1 STT increases exponentially as the total supply reaches 1 Billion.

Spread STT


Infect Ethereum addresses with STT to be rewarded STT.

Once in the reward pool you will be randomly minted STT until you are kicked out.

Keep infecting addresses with STT to stay in the reward pool.

There is NO limit. Infect enough addresses and own the entire reward pool.


Scatter is minted on every single transaction.

Minted tokens are rewarded to a random member of the reward pool.

Rewards start at 1000 STT and decreases over time to 1 STT as the total supply reaches 1 Billion STT.

Detailed Rules